‚Äčthe dancing yogi

Starting in early 2017, I began to experience a magnetic force guiding me through every kind of movement from yoga, to shamanistic  dance, geometric circular patterns , ballet,  modern and even tap dance!  Having a passion for movement, I was not sure what was happening but on another level, delighted and very grateful.

Efforts to find an explanation or application for this strange experience have been choppy and confusing.  Today it is a step by step process of practice and application.  It took nearly two years to feel emboldened enough to share with others what I was doing holed up in my yoga room for hours on end.  Through queries to my spirit family and friends it was indicated to me that now was the time to record and share. On October 6th, 2018  I launch a you tube channel on which mostly healing flows are channeled. 

I never know what is in store for me. I drop into gratitude and spaciousness, resigned to simply "see what happens."  I am never disappointed for the movement is instructive, creative, healing, organic, knowledgeable, creative and fun. 

If you have any questions or insights, please contact me.