Healing Movement Flow at One Body Holistic Cener. January 13th, 3-4:30pm. $10 

HMF is a combination of basic elements culled from classical contemporary dance, yoga and qigong--an ancient chinese wellness practice. HMF has a strong spiritual component but empowers participants to tune into their uniqe physical and spiritual healing and growth. No experience needed. Accessible to all levels. 

  • call 912-531-6717 
  • $10 checks
  • Patricia  Alley Instructor

yoga and dance instructor

the Dancing Yogi


​​MoveOn: movement. rhythm.music ​tm for Motor Difficulties is now a regular class at Habersham YMCA. Meets on Wednesdays at 2pm. Friends come free. Call 912-531-6717 for details!

Instructors: Pat Alley and Elizabeth Newkirk