Starting in early 2017, I began to experience a a magnetic force guiding and sometimes snatching my body through every kind of movement from yoga, to shamanistic  dance, geometric circular patterns , ballet,  modern and even tap dance! I can only compare this to the animated film Ratatouille where the little rat guides the young chef by snatching him around by his hair. Thus began my relationship with the one I call Angel. Since this time, I have been practicing with this entity while simultaneously learning to communicate the Collective Consciousness that it seems to work with.  This channeling movement and meditation practice has gradually become my main focus and has transformed my life.  

Efforts to find an explanation or application for this strange experience have been choppy and confusing.  Today it is a step by step process of practice and application.  Realizing that I am nearly 60, not a typical performer, it took me nearly two years to feel emboldened enough to share.  Through queries to my Spirit family and friends, it was indicated to me that now was the time to shoot some videos. That was another challenge. On October 6th, 2018  I launch a you tube channel. A little rattling to be honest.

I never know what Angel has in store for me. I drop into gratitude and move into the backseat to allow this wonderful entity to move my body, always in surprising, patient and even humerous ways.

If you are having a similar experience or have any questions or insights, please contact me.  

‚Äčthe dancing yogi