yoga and dance instructor

the Dancing Yogi

Class is fun and the instructor is mindful of individual differences which is very important when dancing.

Amand K.

MoveOn has benefitted me by stretching both my body and my mind. Using music and rhythm allows me to move my muscles in new ways that I would not normally do in exercise. With the excellent guided instruction from Pat  and Elizabeth, I leave the class feeling refreshed, stretched and my mood is always lifted to a higher place from when I entered the room.  

​Fran M.

Pat makes everyone feel special. She brings a professional grace and talent to class. Her classes work and stretch your body and mind. 

​Barbara K.

Dancing Yogi is a very creative and innovative teacher. Her compassion for her students is evident. Her knowledge of body mechanics and musicality abound and her students respond in kind. I would recommend her to all. 

Elizabeth N.